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About Us

It Is No Secret That Mobile Apps Help Businesses To Get 3 Times More Sales? So what are you waiting for? We have build AppOkart the world’s most intuitive shopify mobile app builder. You need no coding to build your Shopify-based mobile app when using AppOkart. Customize your app according to your need with simple drag and drop features. Build your own mobile app for Shopify today with AppOkart Shopify mobile app builder.

And because success doesn’t have to be expensive, we have some exciting offers for you.

How You Can Grow
Your Business With AppOkart

Wouldn’t you like to reach more customers and get more sales? Transform your Shopify store into a responsive mobile app.

Build App In Real-Time

Zero bloatware, changes you make into your app will be updated in real-time. Customize your app the way your want.

Showcase Products Like Pro

Showcase all the latest collections to your customers in a more elegant way Pin your latest launch at the top to let all your customers see what’s new.

Leverage One-Click Check-Out

Allow your customers to place an order with the minimum taps possible. Make the shopping experience easy and more comfortable.

Build A Better Brand

Provide a better shopping experience to your customers and build your brand with loyal customers.

Improve Your ROI

Research showed 90% of customers like to use mobile apps instead of mobile websites. You can beat the competition by building your eCommerce app with AppOkart.

Send Push Notifications

Let your customers know about the new arrivals, flash sales, and exclusive offers. Send push notifications and remind them how easy it is to place an order from your app.

Get 60 days free AppOkart trial.

Reach Your Big Goals

Our ready-made Shopify app builder has already helped businesses (small and big) to reach their ultimate goals.

For some, it is to beat the competition, and for some, it was to make 7 digits income. We can help you with both.

This Is Your Business, All Profit Is Yours

AppOkart mobile app for shopify helps you to set up your online shop. All the sales you make, customers you meet are yours. We don’t take commission or charge transaction fee. This is your business and AppOkart is your app.We are just here to help you grow and make more profit.


Order and Checkout to Increase Sales

Optimizing your checkout page can help improve your customers’ experience and increase conversions and sales for your online store.

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Get 60 days free AppOkart trial.

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